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Originally Posted by The Geek
I've got to do whats right b the guys that have already paid me

If youre really desperate, Im sure I can get you what you want. Its not that I dont want to sell scripts, I just want to lower my support time to maximise my development time.
At the rate Im going, Ill have 5 minutes a week to code with all the users to support

Oh the trials and tribulations of being a one man band!
Darn, I finally found a banner system that looks easy enough I can use. phpadsnew was just too much for me and try and learn with my limited amount of time. I came across your mod at and hence, found your place. Nice site! I would still love to have this even if your not supporting it as of now. I need to get some kind of banner system up, and yours looks to be just what I need!
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