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Default Geek AutoLink RC1 Released

GAL 4.5 RC1 is availible in the download section.

This point marks a feature freeze and finalization of the code in order to go live.
  • All known bugs have been addressed
  • Stats have now been included
  • The cron job should now be working (with vB3.5 RC3+) though you can now manually run each section of the cron job from the new Maintenence admincp option.
  • The code has been optimized
  • The code has been made vB coding standards compliant
Remaining known issues:
  • README needs updating
  • A few phrases in the stats system are hard coded.
  • After upgrading from the Beta release, you must click maintenence->debug to update
Both are very minor points and will be addressed for gold.

Lets get this baby gold for a Friday release!
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