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Default Can each member create own shop?

Hi looks very promising

Actually I was looking for something very specific and this comes quite close.

My question is.. is the following feasable with geekmart :

Each user can offer a certain amount of products to sell.
They can be accessed through the general catalogue (with categories etc..). There you will find the products that all users have to offer.

Or when u are in the users profile.. there is a shop block (or a link) to view all the items this particular user has to offer.

The payment would be made between the user and the costomer.
But the admin can define what usergroup may create a "shop".

Example I am a new member in usergroup standard. (i cannot sell anything)
I change to usergroup silver member ..(I can sell up to 10 items)
I change to usergroup gold member.. (I can sell up to 20 items)

The delivery and payment conditions are up to the seller.. he should be able to define/choose them.

I hope i made myself clear (english is not my mother tongue)

Would it be easy (for me or someone else) to adapt this product to fullfill my needs?

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