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Originally Posted by attroll
I hate to burst you bubble. But maybe I am doing something wrong. But it still does not have the ability to have two sets of rotating ads. I can not get them working. Did you fix that?
Alright I got this working. I had to completely uninstall this and reinstall it. Now I have the two sets of rotating ads working and the page not found error seems fine now.

But I do have another problem.

The start date does not work for the banners. No matter what I select, if the start date is any time in the future the add displays. I would like to put all my ads in the GAB Manager and have them take effect when on the start date. Here are sample of two banners and the start and expire dates. But banner #2 displays no matter what I do.

banner 1
start February 01 2006
expires February 28 2006

banner 2
start March 01 2006
expires March 31 2006

PS. when you reply to a person please could you start who you are replying to. Sometimes it is confusing as to who you are replying to in the forums. Another question: Would it be better to not post in the forums and submit a support ticket each time instead of here in the forums?
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