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Default GAB RC1 Release Discussion

It's time for all GAB users to rejoice...

GAB has hit Release Candidate 1. This means that the feature set is frozen and I am now focusing on any last minute bugs, documentation and phrasing.

This release is a massive update to the last release and it is vital that you follow directions made in this post to upgrade.

Since last version:

1- I have totally re-written about 95% of all code from scratch.
2- I have dramatically simplified the management of ads
3- Improved hopefully every aspect of the program.
4- Made ability to random between adverts in a block (i.e. randomly show a static image, a rotating image and adsense)

In my opinion, earlier versions contained too many nooks and crannies where options for controlling an ad could easily get hidden away. This cause a lot of time to be spent trying to find out WHY a particular banner wasn't showing. To solve this, I have moved all banner controls back to the individual banner level. In other words, to make an ad active, edit the ad instead of the ad and the category. In fact, I have moved virtually all options out of the categories and into the individual ad.
This makes the categories more or less of a way to organize your ads instead of control them. I now envision using the categories for categorizing ads based on their positioning on a page.

One other area I found clunky and counter intuitive in previous versions was the way that ad blocks were attached to scripts.
Therefore I have separated Block management (think of a block as a billboard, in fact I think ill change the terminology before gold) from the script management.
In other words, you will go in and create 1 or more blocks, then go into your scripts and assign those blocks to your scripts. The way this is done is far far better as well.

All in all, it is a much better system that is pretty close to being done. A little more tweaking and phrasing is all that it will need for gold.

For anew install:
Upload all files in the gab upload/forums folder to your forum.
Import the product-geek- gab .xml file into your product manager.
Refresh your admincp.

For an upgrade:
PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOUR SETTING WILL VANISH. This is a massive upgrade and I could not port over all settings. Once you install, double check all is cool.
Upload all files in the gab upload/forums folder to your forum.
Import the product-geek- gab .xml file into your product manager.
GO through your active banners and MAKE SURE that your url for the banner is correct. I have changed this to an absolute URL so you may need to update your banners.

Adsense and HTML adverts are now stored as a banner entry instead of a template edit.
Take your adsense HTML, create a new banner and put the HTML in the HTML setting of the banner (no need to upload an image).

I think that about covers it.

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