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Default Managing 1000's of images - what is the load?

Currently experimenting with install of

subdreamer 2.2
vbulletin 3.08
vba gallery 1.01

In addition, have a couple of other photo type apps installed on the server attempting to figure out how to best manage my site and photos.

There are 5 to 8 teams I will cover, each with over 15 games a year. Each game I shoot 400-600 photos. Over 6,000 photos a year. I write an article for each game and pull out the 20 to 80 shots. Then I take 10-40 of those and put them into a image catalog / shopping cart. Then, I dump the entirety at low resolution and dump them into the photo gallery.

What kind of load will I be putting on the server using the Geek Article System.

Can anyone recommend a better workflow.


Current Workflow
1) dump photos from camera to one folder on hard drive
2) copy "game article shots" to seperate folder
3) copy "for sale" shots to a seperate folder
4) run image processing vs all on local machine (reduce for web)
5) ftp upload to appropriate folders
6) use the interfaces from the various web based apps to get the photos top process the photos from the ftp uploads folders -
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