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I agree about the byline bit. Luckily - with a tad bit more template editing that can be sorted out. Ill include better instructions when we get closer to gold.

As it is now, you can actually place those seperate areas into different parts of your template. Personally I think it would be better if it all came AFTER the message editor.

As far as the forum display, That is true - but im not 100% sure what can be done about it. THere is (rather will be) an option to override the forumdsiplay as I would like to offer the ability to stick mods in there which in turn would enable changing the forumbit a little easier.

I dont want to get to bogged down with the bbcode thing as im not too sure how to hook effectively into it yet. Ideally I would jsut prefer a button on the editor that asks you for the name of the next page (like the url popup). But we shall see
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