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Default [planned]Suggestion

I'm not sure how the backend for the GARS works, since I have not had a use for it yet (but I am planning a site that could use it, so I may make a purchase when it goes gold). BUT, from a user standpoint, I think it would make it groovy to somehow make the Articles and Reviews a little different on the forumhome. They look just like regular old forums, and it might be a little confusing. If they had their own indicators on forumhome, it would make it a little more clear this aint just a regular forum. Follow what I mean?

Also, some sort of custom bbcode for pages, table of contents, or whatever would really be cool. I don't know how the system works, so trying to make an article didn't prove very fruitful for me.

Also, the byline seems like it should go UNDER the title, since that is how it is displayed when VIEWING an article. When I made my test article on keytars, it made it seem as the the byline was in fact the title of the article, since it appeared first.
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