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Originally Posted by Stachel
/geek/gars/images VS /geek/gars/images/types

http:// .com/geek/gars/images/redrose.jpg

Where I need it to be pulling from:
http:// .com/cforums/geek/gars/images/redrose.jpg

(relative to what ??)

relative to the dir your forums are in .

just started with this also ..

url is the web path .
if you use a " / " it should be " /cforums/geek/gars/images "
if you notice your output its missing the "cforums" but starts at geek, just what you put into the block .

i use " /forum/geek/gars/images " so it starts from the root folder .

( when working with the banners found this works and not the realtive path )
can see the banners in the admin-cp and the site even if it changes into another dir .

hope this works for you .
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