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1 - Well, users can upload their own logo which resizes to desired dimensions - so I guess thats cool.
2 - done
3 - This isnt built in however it would be pretty simple modification of GARS. Heck you could simply comment out the author review.
4 - THis would be a pretty easy modification. SImply set the minimum vote to 1 and the max vote to 26 (whole numbers only). THen at run time translate the number to its corresponding letter.

ALl of it is either built in or possible - however I couldnt commit myself to anything in the near future. Heck - im out of town for a week then come back only to go out of town again (for a few days). Couple that with the manic drive to get everything out of beta (which some things arent really even in beta yet!) and you can get a picture for how swamped I am.

Id be more than happy to help - but if the project would REQUIRE me custom coding - then it would be a little while before I could get to it
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