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I guess I am just thinking of wanting a seperate product fully integrated with VB. In the end what we need is a complete company review/rating system and it needs to be more "all inclusive". We need the ability to add special fields (ie we want to include website, contact info, etc, for every company we put a rating / review up for.)

My thougt was that this will hold us over until we find the full solution. If its all mixed in with the forum its just another thread but if it were its own system it could do more in the future.

Another example...... EVERY single review we have will need to have the ability to rate the company on: A) product quality B) Customer Service C) Reliability. Nothing more, nothing less. Every review will also include: Company name, contact info, etc etc. I dont think the standard newthread interace will cut it for us. We want each bit of info in its own field in the database and not just part of a "thread".
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