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Hmm.. I thought you couldn't get multiple ads to show up such as $GAB_ads_[0], $GAB_ads[1], and $GAB_ads[2].. but it seems you can from the scenerios you created above. So what you want to do is pull only certain banners in certain $GAB_ads[X] variables correct?

If so..

Well.. I'm not sure how the $GAB_ads variable sorts and pull the banners, but I would imaging that banners 1-5 and 6-8 will have to be added to different catergories and assigned it's own permissions thru the catergories editor functions. Which would MAYBE eliminate the 1-5 banners getting pulled in $GAB_ads[2] and 6-8 in $GAB_ads[0] .

I did not try what I said above cause I currently don't have the time.. but I would try playing with it that way to see what you get.. but I think you got a point here which cuts down the flexibility of the current GAB version.

Although I think there is a way around this with it's current version and to rub it in this is a beta release I would await on the expert AKA Geek to give us a proper response.

Good luck
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