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Default RC3 status

Yes, I have been hinting about for the past couple weeks: There will be 1 more RC before we go GOLD.

Why? Because I have done a MAJOR overhaul to the terms/phrases system for better international support AND I have created a module caching system to reduce the number of queries executed when you have a bunch of modules installed. These queries are for the most part inconsequential and pretty minor even on massive boards - however let no one say The Geek isn't a caring one.
Basically I got the system down to only requiring 2 to 3 mega minor queries (in addition to those vB currently uses). These once again depend on your settings and frankly could have been avoided if Jelsoft had a way to be able to cache phrasegroups and the datastore. Thankfully, both of these are tiny tables with infrequent write locks so the question of server load is really a non issue

I want to do 1 more RC to ensure that everyone is happy with the new sub systems and it allows me the extra time to do some further code clean up and optimization.

Anyhooo - just thought id keep you all in the loop
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