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IIRC the default is bottom left so you can to go to the ACP -> GAL -> Categories -> click the category link in the Title column -> change Anchor to whatever you prefer. GALs on vB4 are allowed to go off the side of the page like you see because to try and bound them in a vB4 page might have strange consequences, such as the pop-up appearing erratically because of all the new vB4 CSS positioning that happens, so to avoid that the pop-up by default is not bounded by the screen.

If you pick Top Right or Bottom Right for the anchor, you can avoid more instances of the pop-up going off screen. If you want to try and bound the pop-up from going off the left and right hand sides of the page, you can also edit the gal .gs file in the /geek/ gal /clientscript directory to try and get more of the off screen issue to go away by finding this bit of JavaScript but beware of the possibility of the pop-up appearing erratically:
	if (l < 1)
		l = 10;
	if (l + e.offsetWidth + client.w > client.r)
		l = client.r - e.offsetWidth - 10;
And removing the /* and */ comment lines highlighted in blue, and then hard refresh a page with GALs on it or clear your browser cache to get the change to the gal .js file to take effect. There are also the X Offset and Y Offset options in the same place as the Anchor option that you can set, so if you change the offset options, remember that in a browser the X = 0, Y = 0 position is the top left corner of the screen. A combination of Anchor change, gal .js file edit, and/or X Offest, Y Offest changes should get the GALs to show how you prefer. If you choose Follow as the Style, then the end user can pull the pop-up around, so if you are going to edit the gal .js file, I'd only do it if you are using Hover or Close as the style.
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