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Question Groups not having to view GAL - Support Request


I set up one of my categories so that a couple of different usergroups could opt out of seeing GAL links for advertisers. I checked the boxes next to those groups in category edit screen which I have attached as a screen capture below.

For example Planet-9 Insiders group should be able to opt out of seeing the pop-ups links if the choose the userprofile box of "Other Member Number" and put a value of 1881 into that box in their profile.

However, when I have a member in that group do just that, they still see the pop-up links for the advertisers.

The member in question has a Primary Group of "Registered Users" which you can see from the list CANNOT opt out of seeing the ads, the member has a secondary or additional group of "Planet 9 Insiders" which CAN opt out of the ads.

It appears that either it isn't working, or that the primary group is overriding the secondary group and not allowing them to opt out. I cannot place the member in the Planet-9 group as primary for several reasons in how forum and other permissions are managed on the site.

Can you please help?
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