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Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
Yes I am fine, thanks for asking, I needed a mental break from things. GeekMart is not dead, and yes it has been close to being done for quite a while, and as soon as I get a chance to finish it I will, but just as it is frustrating to wait and wait, it is equally frustrating to get the same question over and over, that it wants to make me trash the script just to be rid of it. It's frustrating on both sides.
Its not like we have been asking everyday, you were the one saying you were actively working on it and its almost done. I mean asking a few times over the course of a couple YEARS isnt as much as a simple plea right?

Seems the problem is far greater than people asking if its done yet or not. We all know you are a great coder from other projects you have done, so it sounds like you honestly dont like working on this script and I agree that instead of teasing us by telling us another year that its not dead, just be done with it already.

I was also frustrated that over a year ago I asked to buy the beta because i knew it would work for me but no matter what you wouldnt and it forced me to move to another system. That was the best thing that happened to me, just so everyone knows you can install drupal with ubercart and it will do everything you can dream. Then use drupalvb or vb to drupal to hook your forum into its system. Drupal may have a little bit of a learning curve but its worth it.