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Default custom message if no rating

I'm trying to show a single peice of text saying "No ratings yet" if no member has rated a CD that's been reviewed.

I changed the template "GARS_rating_result_bit" to this:

<if condition="$na">
<td align="$stylevar[left]" class="alt1active" style="white-space: nowrap;" colspan="2">
No ratings yet</td></tr>
<else />
<tr><td align="$stylevar[left]" class="alt1active" style="white-space: nowrap;">$question[text]</td><td  class="alt1active" align="$stylevar[right]">$rating_value</td></tr>
But it just repeats the line "No ratings yet" in place of the different things you can rate. Where can I edit this and also remove the "0 users rated..." part too if no one has rated yet. But show it all when someone has rated.

Here's the page I mean:
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