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Default Uninstall, Rating & Display queries before purchase

Have read some threads here that state that uninstalling GARS in future will not remove the post content but just the additional fields added by GARS. Just to add on my question abt uninstalling, what abt articles with multiple pages? how does that work if i choose to uninstall GARS one of these days?

i am on the verge of getting this, but just very concerned with how this system is gonna be so intertwined with vbulletin that i may have big problems uninstalling in the future.

On a separate matter, can I setup different rating criteria (presentation, content, prose, etc) for each forum? Or do all the forums need to follow the one single rating criteria? This rating criteria is separate from vb thread rating field right?

So far, all the examples I see, the display seem to be the same. If i install GARS, I suppose it will have no problems integrating to my custom templates right? In terms of thread display, post display, etc. it shldn't change right?

Tks and hope to hear from you asap as i hope to set this up immediately.
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