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Hi Morgan,

I apologize for bumping, I didn't mean it that way I just figured support for a paid product would have a faster turn around.

I'm still at a loss for what to do. I have the flash banner setup but I cannot get it to display unless I select 'flash' under type of ad which makes sense except for the fact that I only have 1 banner spot on my forum and wanted both the image ads and flash ads to rotate globally.

Here's the problem I only have 1 flash ad the rest are all regular images. I'm cannot grasp how flash and image ads cannot be mixed, I bought GAB specially for it's flash support or else I would've stuck with my old rotator. Having only image (jpg, gif), or flash support per zone or billboard or what ever your calling it makes it useless to me.

If I'm missing something tell me but from the setting pages it doesn't look possible to mix flash and images.

Thank you,
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