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The compress_stats function keeps tracks of the statistics data. If you keep tracking for all time, then the related database table is going to continue to grow so the next GROUP BY query to get the stat totals is going to be bigger than the last. While it is possible to total on each display of an ad, it is not desirable as it adds to the front-end weight, so totaling gets done in a cron. You could set the cron to run more frequently via the ACP -> Scheduled Tasks -> Scheduled Task Manager -> Edit GAB Cron, maybe three or four times a day instead of once, or you can use the ACP -> GAB -> Manage -> 'Deactivate AND Compress (the cron job)' to manually do several times a day what the cron does once a day. If you want to restart your statistics, then you can run the following queries to be rid of all the current stats:
# warning: deletes all statistics data !!!!
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