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Exclamation Serious Flaw in GAB

I have been using GAB for a few years now and have over 100 advertisers in my GAB setup and run 2 different ad locations (both horizontal banners) on my site. I have noticed over time that GAB will slow down the site at times, so finally I got my developer to look into it and look into the server logs because recently my site would almost stop functioning for a couple of minutes at a time.

it turns out the something in the Cron job for GAB statistics that was taking place at 20 minutes past the hour was running HUGE queries, for example the log shows over 6.5 MILLION rows examined in one of the queries that was taking a really long time and slowing down the site.

I don't know exactly what is wrong with GAB and its queries but it would appear that over time GAB is going to slow your site down more and more as the statistics get out of hand.
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