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Thanks a lot for this answer very clear

Maximum height of header images : can’t make it working

This could be because:
1- You do not have GD installed
2- You have an old version of GD
3- Your vB settings for GD are not right

Can you check on those for me?
Of course, sorry, it's a newbie's mistake

Featured and Top modules : can’t make it working in "below threadlist"

Ill take a look into this. I cant test right this moment.
Thanks, for the moment I can't find the way to resolve it...

Displaying a list of article from multi category

The top modules SHOULD do this if I understand you right. The top module (as is) as well as the feature module (as is) will pull from all forums set to that type.
Yes it's right. But it's true that I was looking for a way to make a list like the default list of all article with image, title and synopsis, and I can't find it. I'll take a look to change the "top" or "featured" module to do it. I've got another problem : to display this list my differents forums have to be configured with the same "type", and it's a problem because I'd like to create a specific type for the "forum display mode" of my "General article" forum, and others ones for my differents sub-forums (category), that's why I also looking for a manual configuration in my "type" configuration of with forums (or types) have to be display in the top module or in the featured module.

In truth I would like to actually change this so you specify which forums you pull from. Maybe this would suffice?
I think that it's THE solution, it's a very very good idea. The man I'm working with just told me that this morning. AND specifying the FORUMS to display (it's important to be able to choose severals forums of course) seems to be better and easier than choosing the "type"... I'm waiting for this great featured with a lot of enthousiasm !

THats all a module file really is. To be honest, your best bet is to crack open a couple of module files to see how they work - its pretty easy. Im afraif that the tutorial may have made it more complicated than it needs to be.
I'll do it more seriously

Thanks again for your feedback.
Your GARS module is really a great add on, you're answering very fast to ours questions (even if my english is not always very good), so it's really a pleasure to make feedback, and to inform other users about the way we're using GARS...


Best Regards...

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