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Hey there, thanks for the feedback and Im glad to hear you are digging it.

Maximum height of header images : can’t make it working

This could be because:
1- You do not have GD installed
2- You have an old version of GD
3- Your vB settings for GD are not right

Can you check on those for me?

Featured and Top modules : can’t make it working in "below threadlist"

Ill take a look into this. I cant test right this moment.

Displaying a list of article from multi category

The top modules SHOULD do this if I understand you right. The top module (as is) as well as the feature module (as is) will pull from all forums set to that type. In truth I would like to actually change this so you specify which forums you pull from. Maybe this would suffice?

About modules

If I do the above, then I should be able to do this for you as well. Fingers crossed eh

I’ve read the tutorial about creating module. What is the way for creating a module with just an include of a php file (this file is a list of links) ?
What about creating a module that could display an RSS feed ?
THats all a module file really is. To be honest, your best bet is to crack open a couple of module files to see how they work - its pretty easy. Im afraif that the tutorial may have made it more complicated than it needs to be.

Thanks again for your feedback.
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