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Default About modules, header images and display a list of article from multi category ?

Hi « The Geek »,

First for all, we bought GARS two weeks ago, we made a lot of tests (on local with EasyPHP and VB 3.5 of course), and it’s really a great add-on, congratulations.

Now I’ve got some question to complete my test for our website.

Maximum height of header images : can’t make it working

I’ve put 100 for height and width in the GARS Settings for header image. But if I’m loading an header image bigger than 100 it’s not resize, there’s no error message, and so this big image is download in the header. There’s probably something wrong in my GARS setting configuration ? Or maybe it’s because I’m working in local ? Could you please help me ?

Featured and Top modules : can’t make it working in "below threadlist"
In the "forum display" mode, it's ok in left, right, and above threadlist, but nothing append in "below threadlist". Do you know why ?

Displaying a list of article from multi category

I’ve got a general forum for my articles, inside it I've got sub-forums (category) : "article about camcorder", "article about editing", "article about authoring".

I create my article in this category (for example in “article about camcorder” when it’s about camcoder).

I’d like to display a list with all my articles when the user is in the “general forum” article. So in it i’d like to display all latest article created in “article about camcorder”, “article about editing”, “article about authoring”. Is it possible ? What is the way to do it ?

About modules

The module featured is great.
Is it possible to create a “featured” module that could display article from a selection of multi types (and not only from the article of the same type).

For example, in set mode, I'd like to insert a “featured-multi-type” module in the left collum, and I’d like to configure this “featured-multi-type” module with a list of the existing type, and a “Add” button to add all the “type” to display in this “featured-multi-type” module.

I’ve read the tutorial about creating module. What is the way for creating a module with just an include of a php file (this file is a list of links) ?
What about creating a module that could display an RSS feed ?

I know I’ve got a lot of work to do in GARS to create this, and yours answers will help me to make it

Best Regards,

An happy user !

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