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Original Custom Module : (Picture-1)

Modified Custom Module : (Picture-2)

I've registered a new module as custom fields2 with below options.
Title : Custom Fields2
Module File : custom_fields2.php
Templates to Cache : GARS_custom_container,GARS_custom_row2,GARS_custom _date,GARS_custom_input,GARS_custom_text,GARS_cust om_textarea,GARS_custom_thumbnail

I've copied the custom_fields.php and re-uploaded it with custom_fields2.php name (i've also changed the contented as mentioned below) into geek/gars/mods/display folder.

I've changed $deftemplate = "GARS_custom_thumb_row"; line in custom_fields2.php to $deftemplate = "GARS_custom_thumb_row2"; to get the result of Picture-2.

But i do have same problem as i mentioned in my first post. There is no settings/options screen as shown on below picture.

You may wonder why i do like this. Its because for some sections of my forum, i do need the same style/design as on Picture-1 and for some others i need as on Picture-2. And to get the Picture-2 style, i did this change...

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