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Question Customizing Header Images & Synopsis text??


I'm trying to set up a sort of "review preview" on the front page of my website:

I'm using this unofficial plugin for the front page:

What I want to accomplish is a 100x100 header image followed by the "synopsis" text. I have a few questions:

1) When I go to header image and then upload an image, it then shows up subsequently as a selectable option whenever I create a new review. Since these header images will be new for each new review, I can see this becoming a bit of a problem once there are 100 or so reviews. Is there a way to have this header image be an image linked from an outside directory unrelated to gars? Will I have to do this via a custom field?

2) How do I get the synopsis text to show up on the front page only (the "latest reviews" snippet) and not inside the actual review?

3) Would it be easier to accomplish #1 and #2 via a custom field or two?


EDIT: I'm trying to accomplish what's shown here under the "features" section at the top:

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