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Question Mark thread title ?

I've created a new template set and left all the fields as blank. So that category use Gars Article but with original vbulletin templates.

I would like to be able to use "mark" option for this section. All i want to do is, when a user click the mark the thread button, then it will automatically put the [marked] prefix just infront of the thread title.

Due to i do not use GARS_ template set for this section, i would like to learn if it still possible to use marked module but without container. Just with the mark button.

I want to add the small mark button just infront of the tag button (in vbulletin threadbit). I guess i should add it just infront of the below code of original vbulletin threadbit template.

<if condition="$thread['taglist']"> <img class="inlineimg" src="$stylevar[imgdir_misc]/tag.png" alt="$thread[taglist]" /> </if>
But the problem is, how ? or is that possible ?

I hope it is...

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