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Default Uncached Template: GARS_custom_thumb_row (with solution)

Hello all,

I have discovered that the GARS_custom_thumb_row template is not being cached. After a little investigation it seems that this occurs when you use a thumbnail custom field.

The fix is really simple, just goto:

ACP -> GARS -> Modules -> Registered Modules -> Custom Fields

Once there find the "Comma separated list of templates to cache" box and add to the end:

That comma is important, you should end up with a value like this:

GARS_custom_container,GARS_custom_row,GARS_custom_ date,GARS_custom_input,GARS_custom_text,GARS_custo m_textarea,GARS_custom_thumbnail,GARS_custom_thumb _row
Save the changes, and enjoy fully cached templates and 1 less database query.
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