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Default Header Image creating new folder when uploading image

I'm having a real strange problem uploading a header image with my article.

The path to the images, as I understand it is:
geek/gars/images/types/ and then in the types folder there are three other folders numbered 1,2 and 3.


geek-> Gars-> images->types-> 1

When I upload an image, for some reason it creates a new "1" folder in the images folder.


geek--> Gars-> images-> 1 along with the types folder also in the images folder.

The uploaded image file is located in geek->gars->images-> 1 and it is not being found in order to be displayed with the article. I get the dreaded red X.

If I check the path where it is trying to find the image it shows:

In my GARS settings the FULL URL to your default images folder is:

The absolute path to images is:
/home/mysite/www/forum/geek/gars/images (Actual site name replaced)

Any idea how to resolve this weird situation?

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