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Originally Posted by The Geek
I am.

Yes, its expensive but so is vB compared to phpBB
As far as Zend, I'm not bothered - a company has too much at stake to try and be devious with encrypted source files.

I use phpBB We Get 20000 members when we are in phpBB there is nathing wrong in phpBB but because i'm busy with the army and i have no time every day upgrade my phpBB board because of the security i go ask what is the best source board and i get more voto for vB so that is the only reson i go to vB nathing really wrong with phpBB if we want we can mod it and make it fully modded just like VB largest board in the net use phpBB that if u put all the largest board that use vB togather the Gaia will still #1

also phpBB have the same VBseo 100% do the same job and Free

Originally Posted by The Geek
And lets face it, 99% of all programs are encrypted anyway - its just rare to find php files that way.

There is Diffrents if u are talking about programs like PhotoShop and other programs that encrypted u use them for your self in your own computer .. but like a software where you hold All your info and your db and privcy about your user etc.. then i think a problem .. if u can't see the full source code..
see this thread

there is many as well that been deleted from there ..

any company that use to encrypted their php Script they are perty poor company and they dont have alot of people use their software like VB and other company that give u full soruce code ..

i'm %100 with Lizard King the price is really hight and also use the Zend

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