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Can you link to the hack on .org?

The vB inline attachment only works to show the images at the bottom of the post, does it not? They are all bunched together. I'm talking about spreading out multiple attachments through one post instead of having them all show up together at the end of the post. The paragraphs would be split up by attachments. I know this can be done in a two or three step process by uploading the photos in a gallery or elsewhere on the web, and then referencing them within the post with BB code, but I can do that now. I'd like a one step solution for users to be able to attach an image at any point within a single post and have it show up where they want.

Or, if there was a way to have multiple Message boxes in a single post with an attachment button for each, that would work. So when a user clicks New Thread, they see a separate box for Tutorial Intro, Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc. And each box has a Message field and attachment button. I swear I saw something like this way back in the vB2 days... For a true step-by-step tutorial system, this should be possible.
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