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Default Sharing the same slot among several advertisers


Just to make sure, 2 quick questions:

1. Is it possible to share the same advertising slot or location, for instance the main header banner , among several advertisers by using impressions (rotating) scheme?

For instance, one advertiser takes 100,000 impressions and the other one takes 100,000 impressions, so each banner is displayed 50% of the time and the other one is shown 50% of the time. Everytime a visitor refresh or reload the web site, a different banner might be displayed, out of those 2 banners.

2. Is there a way to show the stats to the the advertisers? For instance, the number of impressions spent during specific months, the click-through rate, etc. If this cannot be public, is it possible to get these stats on per-advertiser scheme to be able to take a printscreen snapshot to send it to the advertiser?

Thank you!
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