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GAB should be fine and dandy on vB 3.7.2, and Google AdSense in GAB would be set up as a text ad with the Google snippet going into the HTML box. For things like ads on a CMS page and after posts, yes, code edits would be needed to scope the GAB variable in functions. IMO GAB is easy to install, but may take some time to get the hang of how to operate it. More information about GAB can be found here. GAB allows people to place banners, or groups of banners, from all categories or certain categories, on all forums/scripts or selected forums/scripts, for viewing by all usergroups or certain usergroups, while allowing certain usergroups to turn off ads, not to mention weighting and stat tracking. GAB has placement control in that if you want to, for example, show banner X below the navbar in forum X you can do that. GAB is good for ads in non-repeating locations like the top, bottom, or side column of a page, but GAB is not good for repeating locations such as happens with the forumbit. For rotating banners, only images can be rotated, but there are free ad management add-ons on vBorg so GAB may or may not be the right choice for everyone. Hope that helps.
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