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The problem is not GAZ . It is the 'parse vBCode table' plugin from the 'vBCode table' add-on located at the 'bbcode_create' hook that uses too much memory:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 68157440 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 311296 bytes) in /www/htdocs/********/forum/includes/class_bbcode.php(158) : eval()'d code on line 355
Because that error happens, GAZ cannot do what it needs to do for all the styles. That is why you got an "invalid style and language cache item" message.

The 'parse vBCode table' plugin is currently diasabled (ACP -> Add-ons & Plug-ins -> Plug-ins verwalten -> parse vBCode table). What you do with it is your choice.

As to styles, look at the gaz_html_header template in the Tribe 3.7.1 style to see what edits I made:
<div style="background: url(; height:96px;">
	<div style="background: url( no-repeat top left; height:96px;">
		<div style="background: url( no-repeat top right; height:96px;"></div>
That is there so you have an example of how to make further edits to the gaz_html_header, gaz_html_navbar, and gaz_html_footer templates if you wish.

I also changed some of your style information, adding in the part in bold:
background: url(
And I reimported the GAZ product XML file to reset the cron jobs. Someone changed the times they run. Do not do that.

One last thing... grab the GAZ package again and reFTP all the files so you are running the latest version. You do not need to reimprt the GAZ product XML file, as that has already been done.

Just because something 'bad' happens in GAZ does not necessarily imply GAZ is the problem, and it did not take me "just minutes" to do these things.
Please use the forums for support, feature requests, and similar such things. Support does not include custom code, custom template edits, or third-party modifications. PMs and emails to me should be for private information only, such as login information. If you PM or email me a support question, chances are good that I'll ignore it. Thanks.
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