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Default Email from disgruntled newsletter recipient about unsubscribing

Here is an email I received today after a member received the newsletter and I told him that he could unsubscribe from it via the newsletter he received or via the usercp, seems that he could do neither:

> Larry there should be an unsubscribe link with the newsletter, if not, you
> can always log into the website and turn off newsletters in your profile.
> Thanks!

I looked for an "unsubscribe" highlighted area in the email, and there was


Then I went to the website, logged in, and went to the "User CP" area.

In the "Your Profile" area there was nothing in regards to any newsletter.

Then I looked at the "Settings & Options" area. "Edit Options" would seem
the logical place to check a box that would subscribe or unsubscribe from
things like this newsletter.

Under "Messaging & Notification" there is an area that says "Receive Email &
Newsletters" and then "From time to time, the administrators may want to
send you email notices. Additionally, every month we send out a Newsletter
via email."

These boxes are NOT checked...and yet I still received the newsletter.

So tell me again HOW I can actually unsubscribe from this newsletter, since
I have never subscribed to it, and my options show that I am NOT subscribed
to it???


Now when I originally sent out the newsletter I told it NOT to override the setting for receiving/not receiving admin emails because if a user had said no to admin emails then I didn't want them receiving the newsletter. It seems that GAZ went ahead and sent it to him anyway.

So my support questions are:

1) Is there a flaw in GAZ to where it is sending regardless of what the setting is for receiving admin emails?

2) In what ways can the member unsubscribe?

As a Note, here is the code that is the first bit of code in the Gaz_html_footer style:
<if condition="$show['unsubscribe'] AND $unsubscribehash">
<div class="smallfont"<if condition="$stylecss[smallfont]"> style="$stylecss[smallfont]"</if> align="center">
<a href="$vboptions[bburl]/$settings[scriptname].php?do=unsubscribe&amp;u=$user[userid]&amp;h=$unsubscribehash&amp;n=$newsletterid">$vbphrase[gaz_unsubscribe_to_newsletter]</a>
<br />
For whatever reason that code doesn't seem to be executing as both the sample and actual generated newsletters don't have the unsubscribe link in them.

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