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Hi Morgan,

Thank you for the reply. I have installed and found most of our custom modifications (in short made by us or designed explicitly for our purposes) have all worked a treat.... so far. Infact I was hedging my bets on needing to mod a few things, but so far all is good.

I'll try GAL tonight / tomorrow and report back with my findings, hopefully this successful trend continues.

On a side note, well done on maintaining this project. Hopefully you are getting back what you first envisioned when you took over the support and development role here. I for one am most appreciative of you doing this. Yes it is a one man show, and you will have people bitch, cry and moan at any given opportunity. Just ignore it, let it slide. We all knew what we were getting into here, there's nothing to hide, it's an open forum. Keep your head up and know that you are doing an excellent job.


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