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DownloadsII is checking for $errors when adding/editing files. If it exists, an upload error is generated. The new GARS version is always setting it in gars_ignition.php, which is causing the problem.

A small hotfix for now:

Go to AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Plugin Manager -> GARS - Startup -> Edit
Change the Plugin PHP Code to:
PHP Code:
if (THIS_SCRIPT != 'downloads')
DIR '/geek/gars/includes/gars_ignition.php');

For GARS it would be better to do the THIS_SCRIPT checks in the plugin PHP code as the include isn't doing anything in 50% of the cases. This would save a bit of server memory.

For DownloadsII I'm going to change the error checking method in v6 to a neater way (always setting an empty array and then checking in the end if it's empty or not, so it will override existing arrays).
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