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Default GARS RC1 discussion

Please do not post errors in this thread. Start a new thread in the troubleshooting forum for that.

This thread is to discuss the release of GARS RC1.

What does RC1 do?
  • Fixes all known issues
  • Finalizes GAL integration
  • Finalizes Review system (for the most part)
Whats left to do?
  • Eliminate any new found bugs
  • Phrase
  • Document
  • Tidy up some unused code
To upgrade
  • Download the latest package
  • Upload the contents from the upload/forums folder overwriting any existing files
  • Import product-gars.xml into your product manager (overwriting previous install).
  • If using GAL integration, ensure you have the latest GAL installed (4.6)
  • Go into admincp->templates and delete the Showthread (I removed it from install as its basically the same as your default!)
  • Check the types for any new options.

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