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Default GAL outside of the post?

Sam had mentioned at one point the possibility that the next GAL version (6.0) might have the ability to parse things outside of the post text. Given a discussion Susan and I had earlier about a help system, it occured to me that if GAL was using something like jQuery's DOM traversal system (you can provide a selector and the $() factory function will automatically grab all matching elements in the document and do whatever you want with them, add classes, add html snippets etc), than it might be possible to add GAL entries for things like forum names, Navbar menus etc. That would be really *REALLY* powerful, and would make the ideal help system as you could have context sensitive help on almost everything on your site.

And Members could simply add themselves to a user joinable membergroup called "Help Off" or "Advanced Users" and that group of GAL entries would be turned off right away.

Anyway, if GAL can do that anytime in the foreseeable future, than there's no need for us to use GAB for a helpful hint type system, so it'd be useful to know.

Thanks in advance for any info that might be available. And for the time in reading this, even if no info IS available.

James and Susan
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