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One quick question if you dont mind Morgan,

Ive set up another "Web Address" custom field for my "Clubs/Groups" section but made it "Not Required" as im guessing not all local clubs/groups will have a website.

It works great if you put the web address in, it grabs the snapshot and such like, however if you dont put the web address in it shows as in the attachments.

Would there be anyway of altering it, so that if a web adress isnt entered, it dosent show those custom fields (numbered 1 +2) in the pictures?

Also, is it possible to have an "Upload Image" - So that if no web address is entered, it will show the image uploaded where the snapshot shows, however if they do input a web address it shows the snapshot instead?

Last point which im guessing wouldnt be possible, but no harm in asking! If the do upload a picture and input a web adress - Is it possible to give the member an option as to which they would like to show as the picture? Ie, the snapshot of the website or the upload picture!
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