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:: puzzled expression ::

If you read through the appropriate threads I think you'll find that it's only been a few weeks. Most of the time you're referring to is the time that it took Sam to *find* an appropriate developer (after we all asked him not to release them on to take over maintenance and development of the Geek Scripts. Read though the reactions on the thread... I think you'll be pleasantly suprised. Morgan's a first class developer and has always provided absolutely superb support for photoplog. Changing to another article system now, before you see what the next version of GARS is like would, IMO, be a mistake.

Seriously, read though that thread and think about how many people all agree that this was a great solution... Morgan's only had a bit over 2 weeks (if I've got the time table right in my head) since all the details of the turnover were singed, sealed and delivered and vB 3.7 came out right in the middle. I think a bit of patience might be called for?


But that's just my $.02 worth, obviously YMMV widely...

James and Susan
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