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Originally Posted by Vero View Post
I don't know if you read these threads, but as I said in the last one. From what I have read/seen about your products, I would happilly pay for just the script alone with no support attached. (although keeping the forums up with user base support is nice ) Please consider that there are many people who would pay for this with no support attached so that you, or someone you choose, could one day continue developement.
agreed- I would by GABS right now if I could, even knowing that it may go open-source, or that you will not be here for support, etc..

Glad to hear that things are getting sorted somewhat in your personal situation, and I fully understand you reevaluating your priorities, etc.. I know it is hard to give up a hobby (and side business), and I mourn the fact that you will not be sharing anymore innovative ideas with the vb community for awhile. You are my favorite vb coder, and I think you should get some sort of lifetime achievement award or something for all of the great work you have done for the community just by having your mods available for others to use.

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