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Default Crisis - The saga continues?

Hey all,

As those of you that are current vB customers will know - we came back from vacation this summer only to discover that our family business had been run into the ground (literally). At that point, I removed all future sales of vbgeek products for the foreseeable future while we worked tirelessly to sort the situation out.

I am pleased to announce that it appears we are almost sorted on the business front; however I am bummed to announce that it does not change my current inability to support my scripts.


Although we have re-won the key contract that our family business was built upon - it was at the cost of my family putting everything on the line for doing it (and I mean everything). As such I will be heading up the company which leaves me with little to no time to focus on script development and support. As most of you will understand, this greatly bums me out as I love coding, however it is kind of exciting in a really twisted way as we have 'bet it all on #5'.

Therefore I am left with the only option to release my scripts on .org (which I understand many of you are against) or to find a capable team to take up development, distribution and support of my scripts. I have had a sporadic blast of emails and private messages asking me about taking on the dev and support... I have even discussed in depth a couple of options with some great coders (however they are crap communicators). Anyhoo - this is really the last call for some decent coders/teams to get in touch with me to take over the script development and support before I put all scripts up on .org.

Any seriously interested parties wanting to take over development and support need to contact me at vbgeek at sweetsquared dot com with an offer that will convince me that my customers will be taken care of and my scripts will be in good hands. Otherwise I see no other alternative than to release the scripts 'as is' to the vbulletin community. I would do this for no other reason than the fact that I would rather see them released to the community than to see them die a slow death.

Let ye all speak now or forever hold your peace! I will be deactivating the above email when all things are put to bed. I know already that you guys support me and my family, and we forever thank you for it. I have loved every minute of coding and I wish to return to it when things smooth out on our end, however first and foremost come my family, then my values (which includes honesty and dedication for my customers).

My priority is to stop these scripts from dying a slow death - so let's get them into the hands of those that will carry on the work.

Thank you all for your understanding. This isn't the last you have seen from me - just the last you will see for a little while (on the coding front).

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