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Default When will we see an update to GARS?


I was wondering if you could tell us anything about the next GARS release.

I am still looking for the following features to be addressed:

• public display of WHO has marked an article via a module underneath showthread header AND within threadbit display in forum page

• per forum marked.php - when you enable the marked module for a type, marked.php gives you a list of everything that has been marked. You need a way to filter by forum at a bare minimum otherwise it gets unwieldy at 2+ forums with marked.php enabled.

• You need a way to specify a forum to view the output of marked.php, being able to filter to "which articles in a forum have I (or another use marked?) would be great as well

horizontal module alignment within showthread

articles in columns on threadbit - a per forum/type option to specify how many articles show up in columns in the threadbit, with each header image and title in a column. I want to display 5 articles on one row, with 6 rows per page for 30 total articles

header image thumbnailing - there is always a lot of whitespace in the first post threadbit, I would like the header image (a thumbnail) to automatically be created from the header image uploaded on article creation
module to show attached images as thumbnails

Thanks in advance for any information you can share!
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