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That's right - I knew that =0) Gotta excuse my memory sometimes... I do =0) Very few states I have actually been to and New York is one of them although I've always wanted to go! Think I'm just in love with the accent =0) My sister and him husband were stationed up there for a couple years.. a couple of years ago - I should have went to visit GRRR

I miss Hawaii sometimes... Funny cause the whole time I was there I couldn't wait to get back to the mainland (I missed my family hehe).. I could have completely lived without visiting Alaska tho hehe... We decided a while back that we were eventually going to make here (Washington) our permanent home but lately we've both been pretty homesick - missing our families wishing we lived closer yada yada. I'm "old" but not too old to miss my Mommy!

I really hope things get worked out for the best with your son. It's so sad to see (or hear about) a parent being seperated from their child. Scary scary stuff! How old is he and is he an only child? I read that you were married, so I'm assuming if he is, than he won't be for long =0) Again, again, and again, good luck with that! For everyone's sake!

Always, Bree
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