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Default Public Progress Update

First off let me say that my life has been hectic, I am trying for custody of my son so for the past few months I have been in and out of court. I am not trying to get any hopes up but in that time I did what I could. I just wanted to let everyone know that since I went to court this last time its done for 6 months to a year. Thankfully I can now give more attention to GeekMart .

For the next few days I plan to see what I can do with the sandbox feature but paypal has since changed how its accessed and therefore the work I have done thus far has not even made a dent in that feature.

In this thread I will let the public know my progress as I think its only right. But in no way is this thread meant to be a tracker till the gold release. I feel the public here should know how things are going and the next step I plan to take.

Also, I ask that if you plan to suggest features, please do not suggest in this thread, write them down for later reference. When the time comes for us to add new features there will be a public thread.

I do however apologize for the lack of time spent here. I never intended for me to be absent so much but court does that. I thank everyone for being patient with me during this time. Now lets see if I can get the sandbox feature worked out.

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