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Originally Posted by The Geek View Post
You can enable for all, but if they arent in the usergroup they wont have an option to edit it, nor will they get an issue. In other words, it has the same affect.
in WHICH usergroup? Do I have to create a special new one or do you mean the two new options every usergroup got after installing this hack?

I enable it now for all but do not want a few single usergroups to get newsletters. How can I switch this off for them now again?

I also wanna know a small special.

User A is in registered users and in a secondary usergroup
The secondary usergroup is not allowed to get the newsletter, the registered group is.

How does it work with primary and secondary usergroups? Which option is stronger than the other?
Does a NO in one of the group means NO or how?
Ciao jluerken

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