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Originally Posted by The Geek
Ya, didnt notice you were editing the thread

I have confirmed and fixed #2 and #3 as well. This will require you to download package beta 4c and replace your physical files (specifically only gars_admin.php, gars_class_core.php and references.php).

#4 is a known issue. You cant delete mod sets right now. Either edit them to suit or just ignore them for now.

Thanks for the help!
Great. Thanks for the quick response. Number 3 (I think you mixed up 3/4 in your reply) is not an issue for me. I was going to delete the default set and recreated it to get rid of a bottom module, but since you fixed number 1 it's no longer necissary.

I can confirm that 2 is fixed. I'm confused about your post. You said 3 was fixed and 4 was a known issue, however you described 3?

Number 4, the gap, is still there, but that's basicly cosmetic.

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