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1. The first default entry is called WEEKLY NEWSLETTER
Is the system now already updating the data once a week and sending the newsletter out once a week
As long as the newsletters Cron Generate setting is on, the cron job will look for newsletters older than the Next Generation Date. When it finds one, it will make a new issue and then increase the date by your frequency.

It does not have to 'accumulate' data. It takes the snapshot whenever an issue is generated manually or automatically.

2. How can I manually now send out the newsletter to all of my users?
Generate a new issue from the admincp-> gaz ->newsletters pull down box.

Then you can select Send from the issue drop down box (admincp-> gaz ->issues). Or simply allow the cron job to send out the issues.

3. How can I prevent a few groupe from getting the newsletter?
Edit the newsletter options to select which usergroups can subscribe. Then you may want to mass update everyone by using the subscription tool in admincp-> gaz ->tools.

4. I've read something from a newsletter usergroup but I cannot find it
Not sure what you mean here. You can preview any iussue by selecting Preview in the issues drop down menu (or by editing the issue and choosing preview there). Remember though that if the issue is not active, then it will not appear in the newsletter browser.

5. Is there a link where users can subscribe to my newsletter or remove themself from the list?
They can just edit their usercp options. If they are in a valid group, they can choose to subscribe. This also happens at registration.

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