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Originally Posted by Lionel View Post
comparing vbarticles with GARS is a grotesque joke.
I will agree with you on that. I took a run at vbnews, one of "Mary's" products and man... just go read the thread about that one at "She" attacks him customers if they complain about it not working, and offers no help in fixing it. Just browse through him site... its got so many bugs and broken links that I could hardly navigate around. TheGeek operates in a very professional manner and just helped me this week with finding a server problem that I might have never found if he hadn't offered to help (I was getting a weird GARS problem in the AdminCP). Better yet, the code produced here works. If you ask for about feature and are told that the product won't do what you want, then I think that's the right answer. To suggest that TheGeek doesn't support his customers is ridiculous. If he did everything everyone asked for on the forum for free, then he'd probably go insane, have no life, go broke, etc. He gets to decide what he's going to do with the products, and what he's not going to do.
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